01 Oct 2019

What are the Various risk involved in building an airport in Nigeria?

Response from GI Hub: Thank you for your question. As with any PPP, project risks will vary depending on the country or region where the project is located, the nature of the PPP project and the asset and services involved. Our PPP Risk Allocation Tool aims to provide a starting point for the consideration of potential risks, but always recognising that there will be additional project-specific risks and issues to factor in. In our guidance for airports in the PPP Risk Allocation Tool, demand risk, completion risk and force majeure risk are highlighted as three key risks, as well as the full list of risks set out in our airport risk allocation matrix available at here. There will, however, inevitably be more detailed risk identification and analysis required for any specific project. Even within the same sub-sector, the individual characteristics of each project make it inherently difficult to suggest a ‘one size fits all’ risk matrix.