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Infrastructure needs into the future: CEDA speech

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Infrastructure needs into the future: CEDA speech
29th March 2017

Half of all global infrastructure investment will be needed in Asia from now until 2040, major new analysis by the Global Infrastructure Hub shows.

And while so much of the region’s infrastructure growth has been in China, the focus will shift to South and South East Asian countries where infrastructure gaps remain very substantial.

GI Hub Chief Executive Officer Chris Heathcote provided the briefing on the Hub’s new initiative, Global Infrastructure Outlook, to the CEDA 2017 NSW Transport Infrastructure Series: Financing Australia’s Transport Infrastructure Pipeline conference in Sydney on March 24, 2017.

Outlook, an online interactive platform revealing and quantifying infrastructure investment needs across 50 countries, will be launched soon.

Mr Heathcote also warned that the backlash against globalisation could impact on the infrastructure sector globally.

“At a time when capital is freely available, rising protectionism threatens to undermine the confidence in the global market,” he said.

Mr Heathcote also spoke about the GI Hub’s Project Pipeline, an online platform detailing government infrastructure projects to help the private sector make decisions about investing and participation.