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Infrastructure roundtable in Sydney

GI Hub News
4th February 2016

The Hub hosted a panel of leaders at a roundtable in Sydney on the 15th of January. Attendees included firms within the investment management, construction, advisory and governance sectors who discussed individual countries in the Asia Pacific region and the key elements of a framework to measure the state of readiness of a country to attract private financing to its infrastructure pipeline. There was a lot of engagement, general endorsement on the idea of a global scorecard and some unanimous recommendations to feed back to the G20.

The Global Infrastructure Hub is developing an analytical framework, which will be the foundation for the proposed scorecard. The benchmark will rank country infrastructure markets by best practice at every stage of infrastructure planning and delivery, from conception and policy parameters to financing strategies, risk assessments and procurement.

A scorecard that measures countries’ investment readiness across infrastructure delivery could inform policy reform. It helps potential investors identify and navigate global infrastructure opportunities and risks. It also supports governments to encourage and prioritise the policy reforms that will really make the difference in helping develop fertile investment environments.

A Sovereigns Infrastructure benchmark leveraging the work of other cross-country indicators or ratings issues by Rating Agencies, World Economic Forum or World Bank, have the potential to drive systemic change.

At its February Conference in Shanghai, the Hub will consult with the public sector from a range of G20 and non-G20 countries on the same issues. The conference – by invitation only- is co-hosted with the Chinese PPP Centre and the World Economic Forum.

The Hub is surveying the views of the private sector to help populate the framework for over 25 countries. The Hub is keen to gain from your experience and would encourage you to complete it, the survey can be accessed by clicking here.