Inflation risk

Solid waste collection, disposal, landfill and recycling Solid waste collection, disposal, landfill and recycling

Description (What is the Risk)

The risk that the costs of the project increase more than expected.

Risk Allocation (Who typically bears the risk)

Allocation: Public Private Shared

Inflation risks during construction are typically borne by the Private Partner, while inflation risks during the concession term will typically be primarily borne by the Contracting Authority.

On availability-based projects, during the concession term, the availability payment will typically include both a fixed component (where debt has been hedged) and a variable component that will include an escalation factor that accounts for rises in costs as defined by the consumer price index.

Mitigation Measures (What can be done to minimize the risk)

During the concession term, the Private Partner will look to be kept neutral in respect of both international and local inflationary costs through an appropriate inflation uplift or tariff adjustment regime.

Government Support Arrangements (What other government measures may be needed to be taken)

The payment mechanism may account for inflation costs by incorporating the consumer price index into the monthly payments.

Comparison with Emerging Market

In developed markets, inflation is typically minimal and does not experience fluctuations to the extent of emerging markets.

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